Spork – Spork… Was Murdered

Format: Album
Year: 2004
Label: Entertainment Experiment
Location: Bangor, Maine, USA
Similar Artists: Deftones, Glassjaw, Snapcase
Official Website

1. Bootprint
2. Organ Grinder’s Monkey Freak
3. Glorified Nerd
4. Ostrich Syndrome
5. Swallow My Doubt
6. Get Your Own
7. Procrastination (Tractor Pull Remix)
8. Grab Ass
9. Madder Than Me
10. Evicted
11. Assume The Worst
12. Dutch Oven
13. Until My Arms Fall Dead To My Sides
14. Alex
15. Thrust, Turn, Repeat
16. Awake And Screaming
17. Scurvy
18. Ping Pong
19. Sorry… Right Number
20. Wet Towel
21. Procrastination
22. Bleed
23. Reptile


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