From The Tracks – This Machine And Eye

By: eddienumbers

Jun 30 2010

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Category: Albums, Punk

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Format: Album
Year: 2009 / 2010
Label: Death To False Hope
Location: Sweden
Similar Artists: A Wilhelm Scream, Strung Out, Millencolin
Official Website

1. Sometimes It’s Just Like Shoveling Shit
2. Everything Else Fade
3. I Can Look Quite Vile for One Buried Alive
4. Charade Has Had It
5. Suddenly I Think I Lost My Spine
6. Breaking the Deal, Over Crossing the Line
7. Hope You Are Dead Inside
8. On The Inside
9. Apology Theoretically Accepted
10. Written Inside of Eyelids
11. Collar Up
12. No One Is Ever Left Behind
13. Makes A Wreck of the World
14. If I Turn Pitchblack Eye’s
15. Anywhere But Here


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