Cloudkicker – Beacons

By: eddienumbers

Sep 27 2010

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Category: Albums, Heavy Metal

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Format: Album
Year: 2010
Label: self-released
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA
Similar Artists: Pelican, Isis, Mastodon
Official Website

1. We are going to invert… 00:41
2. Here, wait a minute! Damn it! 01:47
3. We’re goin’ in. We’re going down. 05:15
4. Oh, god. 05:40
5. I admit it now. I was scared. 02:04
6. We were all scared. 02:29
7. Push it way up! 07:16
8. …it’s just wide-open field. 02:21
9. It’s bad. We’re hit, man, we are hit. 06:01
10. Amy, I love you. 07:56


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