Carnivorous Birds – Life Metal 1997-2003

Format: Album
Year: 1997-2003
Label: pleonasm!
Location: North Dakota, USA
Similar Artists: Beck, Ween, The Magnetic Fields
Official Website

1. VandJ
2. Heart Tattoo
3. Married At Sunset
4. Acid Squirtgun
5. Ben Franklin Memorebelia
6. Dream
7. Circle of Life
8. Two Wrongs Do Make A Right
9. Lifetimer
10. My Heart
11. Halloween
12. The Truth
13. Knocking On Heaven’s Door
14. Family
15. Black Widow
16. Alligator Radio
17. Window In Church
18. DS9
19. Medley
20. My Dad is Weird
21. Goodbye Chicago
22. Wildflower
23. Clowns Are Weird
24. I Love To Be An Artist
25. Nature’s Most Destructive Forces
26. The Best Time Of Your Life
27. Encore


One comment on “Carnivorous Birds – Life Metal 1997-2003”

  1. Whoms,
    Thank you for posting Ken’s Music. He’s a special soul. I am the body behind pleonasm and his biggest fan. Hopefully he’ll be releasing another album soon.
    Warmest, C

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