Death To False Hope Fest Sampler

Format: Sampler
Year: 2010
Label: Death To False Hope
Location: Durham, North Carolina, USA
Official Website

1. Less Than Jake- Summon Monsters
2. Greenland is Melting- No More Sorry Songs
3. The Capitalist Kids- (Let’s Go) Waterboarding
4. Off With Thier Heads- Drive
5. Direct Hit!-Werewolf Shame
6. Arliss Nancy- Abacus
7. Blacklist Royals- Jolie Blonde
8. One Win Choice- If Hell Existed
9. Sorry About Dreden- Sick and Sore
10. Last Year’s Men- Paralyzed
11. The Fake Boys- Sometimes I Write Songs All the Time
12. Restorations- Title Track
13. Brendan Kelly- Demons
14. Temperance League- Power to the Working Class
15. The Dopamines- Cincinnati Harmony
16. Kadets- A Nichols Hard to Find
17. Captain We’re Sinking- Foster Brothers
18. The Campaign 1984- Dixie Dynamite
19. Mixtapes- Sprinkles
20. The Sainte Catherines- We Used to be In Love
21. Red Collar- Rust Belt Heart
22. Joe McMahon-What Separates Us All
23. The Riot Before- Oregon Trail
24. The Mercators- Keep My Love Satisfied
25. Hammer No More the Fingers- Radiation
26. The Anchor- That’s the Last Time I Put My Corpse in that Morgue
27. The Pneurotics- Red Dime
28. Spanish Gamble- Science Can’t Explain Magic
29. Bobby’s Fever- This Way
30. Rain Over Battle- Salvage
31. Maple Stave- Cole Trickle
32. Ascetic Parade- Promanade in Raindrops
33. Hold Tight!- Can’t Take This Away
34. I Was Totally Destroying It- Come Out, Come Out
35. Black Birds- Fever Creature
36. The Demon Beat- Poor Enough
37. Jeff Rowe- An Islands Point of View
38. Brutal Youth- So What? Sew Buttons!
39. Pink Flag- 396
40. Coffee Project- This is the Sound of Me Getting Over You in 2 Chords or Less
41. Go Rydell- Suck Brick Kid
42. The Working Dead- Clopen
43. Spraynard- Do You Guys Even Like U2?
44. Mikey Erg- Song Against Raymond


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