The United Sons Of Toil – When The Revolution Comes, Everything Will Be Beautiful

By: eddienumbers

Jun 20 2011

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Category: Albums, Punk

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Format: Album
Year: 2011
Label: Phratry Records
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Similar Artists: Unwound, Jawbox, Refused
Official Website

1. Alcoholism in the Former Soviet Republics 03:22
2. Overturning the Rumford Fair Housing Act 05:53
3. ILO Convention 169 04:24
4. The Concept of the Urban Guerrilla 06:37
5. The Shining Path 04:11
6. Sword of Damocles 05:30
7. The Contrition of the Addict 03:55
8. Operation Cast Lead 04:00
9. State-Sponsored Terrorism 03:56


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